PEN WORK (or it doesn’t?)

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I am, in every sense of the word, a complete beginner with calligraphy.  It’s one of those things that I start to actually figure out the flow of, and then I somehow manage to not follow through on it, by no fault of my actual desire to learn the art.  I’ve merely just tasted having a greater understanding of the mechanics.

So, I’m still massively amateur with my calligraphy.  101.

I swapped out this week to using actual dip pens…albeit seemingly very cheap ones–but I needed to see the difference and get my hand at it before I figure out if I wanted to look into buying something different/better.  [For reference, I just found this post on WordPress and fully intend to utilize it later!]

Using the dip pen, even thus far, has been WORTH IT.  Down with fountain pens…or at least the fountain pen I was trying to use.  That being said, the dip pen holder I have is just the standard Speedball one.  I think I would do much better with a straight pen holder with cork, just because I tend to overly tighten my grip when I’m not relaxed enough (metaphor for life, eh?).  I don’t actually know if that would be of use in that particular regard, but on the whole I feel like if I had something larger within my grip I would have more control of the result (I’m sure there’s a double entendre in there that I will bypass for propriety’s sake).

I’m still struggling with sitting back and more fluidly seeing the entirety of each letter (and much more a whole word or name…because I find it more motivating to practice letters when they make up the name of something I care about).  I think this is the kind of technical precision that can only be achieved with practice of the very basic basics, so I’m still working on that.  The other night, lower case italic s was a demon I could not vanquish, despite my repeated attempts (this sheet was not the first).  The next time I practice (which I’m trying to do at least every few days) I’m planning on taking yet another step back–I initially practiced all of the basic strokes involved with my janky fountain pen.  That clearly needs to be redone with the dip pen.

Anywho, this all still looks pretty terrible to me, but I don’t mind because that’s why I’m practicing away.  I love the clearness of mind (I suppose I’ll say, for lack of a better phrase) I can achieve while focusing on it.


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